Kate Goodall, Chief Executive Officer
Septime Webre, Artistic Director, Halcyon Stage
Jeremy Ney, Program Director, Halcyon Arts Lab
Ryan Ross , Program Director, Halcyon Incubator
Danielle Reed, Program Director, Halcyon Dialogue
Karina Burger, Controller
David Corson , Events Director
Lena Galperina, Advancement and Membership Manager
Erin Knisley, Executive Assistant to Founder and CEO
Mike Malloy, Program Coordinator, Halcyon Incubator
Megan Merchant, Performance Series Coordinator/ Arts Assistant, Halcyon Arts Lab and Halcyon Stage
Yutaka Iijima, Intern, Halcyon Incubator
DeeDee, Intern, Events
Joshua Mandell, Adviser, Halcyon Incubator