This year Halcyon is launching the Halcyon Arts Lab, a nine-month fellowship designed to provide support and resources to emerging artists who are working on projects that promote meaningful social impact, and for those who wish grow as leaders.

Artists are resourceful, interdisciplinary thinkers who have the capacity to change lives through their creative process. However, the path to leadership and social impact as an artist is uncertain, and often lacking in critical support. Halcyon Arts Lab provides emerging individuals with the resources and support they need to bridge the gap between ambitious ideas and their potential impact.

Adapting the well-honed methodology of the Halcyon model, Halcyon Arts Lab fosters creativity through an environment of learning, access, collaboration and support.

The application for our 2017/2018 Halcyon Arts Lab Fellowship is live! Visit Apply for more information.

2017/2018 Fellowship dates: October 1, 2018 – June 30, 2018
Location: The Fillmore School, 1801 35th Street NW, Washington DC 20007

Halcyon Arts Lab accepts 6 national and international fellows and 2 Washington DC-resident fellows in each year of the program.

Fellows will receive a range of supports during the Halcyon Arts Lab Fellowship:



Each cohort of fellows will have access to individual studios on the campus (400-600 square-foot each). Non DC-resident fellows will also be eligible for nine months of off-site residential accommodation. That means space and time to think big and create.


Fellows receive a competitive scholarship to support living expenses and artistic material costs during the fellowship.


Halcyon Arts Lab provides fellows with a curriculum of classes on a broad spectrum of topics covering practical skills like contract negotiation, marketing, and fundraising. Regular workshops and discussions will focus on the wider context of art in the public realm, from urban planning and policy, to design thinking and social justice. The curriculum will help equip fellows with the resources they need to engage their skills as creative problem solvers in a range of different contexts. 

Mentorship is a core component of Halcyon Arts Lab programming. Fellows will be matched with mentors/advisors to review project development, offer critique, and provide support to fellows. In addition, each fellow will mentor individual high school students from around Washington, DC through our partnership with DC Prep, culminating in jointly produced public art projects.


Throughout the fellowship there will be opportunities to exhibit and collaborate with visiting artists, social entrepreneurs, and our program partner organizations in Washington, DC.  

Throughout the year a range of classes, talks, and open studio events will be open to the public at Halcyon Arts Lab, creating a new space for learning and discourse on creativity and innovation in our time.