Selection Process and Criteria

  1. Applications first will be reviewed by an initial internal review process. Short-listed candidates will be evaluated by the Program Committee, a selection panel of arts professionals assembled by Halcyon.
  2. Short-listed candidates may be called for a virtual interview where members of the selection committee can interact with each artist and learn more about their projects and previous work.
  3. Final selection: Following the application and interview phase, the selections committee will select the six national/international and two DC-based fellows. Accepted fellows will be notified of their selection by mid-June.

Selection Criteria

Halcyon uses four equally weighted criteria to assess applications to the Halcyon Arts Lab.

  1. Artistic Excellence
    Are your ideas aesthetically compelling? Do they show a high level of technical finesse in their execution? Are your ideas bold and original?
  2. Future Potential
    Do you show potential to be a leader in the field of socially engaged art? Do you meet Halcyon’s definition of an ‘emerging artist’ ? Have you established a clear sense of your path?
  3. Project Innovation and Feasibility
    How well do you articulate your project goals? Is your proposed project innovative? How did you arrive at this project idea? How will you execute it?
  4. Impact
    Do you put social impact at the heart of your project and or creative practice? Is your engagement with a community or set of social concerns clear and compelling? Is collaboration central to your process?