About the Awards

The Halcyon Awards recognize and honor talented arts icons, successful social entrepreneurs and public policy visionaries—changemakers and trailblazers who’ve dedicated their lives to pushing past traditional boundaries to create a movement, lead an organization, or impact the world.

The three Halcyon Awards celebrate individuals who reflect the range of groundbreaking work Halcyon supports:

  • Arts Icon Award spotlighting an icon of artistic and social impact 
  • Business Luminary Award honoring a global pioneer in social enterprise
  • Policy Visionary Award celebrating innovators in public policy

The 2017 Awardees:
Chef José Andrés as the inaugural Arts Icon awardee, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, co-founders of Ben&Jerry's, as the inaugural Business Luminary awardees, and Congressman John Delaney as the inaugural Policy Visionary awardee.


Awardee Biographies

Chef José Andrés

Arts Icon Awardee

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield

Business Luminary Awardees

Congressman John Delaney

Policy Visionary Awardee