Halcyon Dialogue

Halcyon has partnered with the American Association for the Advancement of Science on the 2016-2017 Halcyon Dialogue program to coincide with the launch of AAAS’ new journal Science Robotics. The Dialogue is a series of four high-level discussions among global leaders, experts and innovators, which will focus on the topic of robots and their broad implications for global society. The ongoing discussions will involve policy makers and innovators from industry and academia. They will examine the technical achievements of the evolving field of robotics; explore how the field is, or may be, affected by public opinion and policy; and examine the broader social implications raised by integrating robots into the everyday lives of people.

Actionable reports and recommendations for future research and policy will be produced for wide dissemination at the culmination of the sessions. These invitation-only quarterly sessions will be held at Halcyon’s headquarters, a creative space for 21st century problem-solvers in the heart of Georgetown.

Prior to 2016, Halcyon Dialogue was known as the Evermay Dialogue, a collaborative research effort of S&R Foundation, the International Institute of Global Resilience, and the Center for a New American Security.  A series of high-level closed dialogues on the broad subject of current emergency management strategies and systems in Japan and the United States, each discussion gathered 25-40 experts to consider one of four types of contingency: natural disaster, terrorism, cyberattack, and local military escalation.