Heet Ghodasara is a sophomore undergraduate student at Pepperdine University, currently part of the Washington DC Global Leadership Program. She has always felt a vocation towards business and social entrepreneurship. It has interested her both as a study and a lifestyle. She is assisting Halcyon Incubator in program development and operations. 

Having grown up under the shadow of entrepreneurial endeavors in India, Heet aspires to be a social entrepreneur. She also plans to continue her family legacy by running her family business in India, Jee-heet Group of Companies. 

Heet is passionate and committed to learning about international policy, culture, and grass-roots transformation related to issues of poverty and social justice. She has performed multidisciplinary literature research and reviews, conducted original on-site field research at various Indian social enterprises and co-authored competitive papers. 

The impulse to travel around the world is one of the hopeful symptoms of her life. For her, traveling is to inspire and to be inspired.