Ridhima Modi heads finance and regulations at Helpusgreen, a social enterprise that has pioneered the flowercycling® technology to preserve the Rivers Ganges from becoming a religious sewer by up-cycling the monumental temple-waste in Southern Asia. She also spearheads the new flowercycled® product development. Prior to Helpusgreen, she was the external auditor for a Switzerland based NGO oikos International. She has also served as an assistant auditor in Ranjeet Garodia & Company for European and South – Asian clients for 3 years.  She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Birla Institute of Technology followed by a Masters in Finance Management with specialization in financial control systems and auditing from Xavier Institute of Social Service. Ridhima loves to dance and cook.

Venture: Helpusgreen is revolutionizing the way India handles the ‘Million-ton flower waste disposal' & brings a hope a hope to revive the lifeline of 420 million – The Ganges.  Helpusgreen flowercycle® (upcycle) floral-waste from temples and mosques into organic fertilizers, natural-incense, and biodegradable packaging material. 

Website: https://www.helpusgreen.com