Samuel Cohen is a Co-Founder of PIlleve, an integrated pill bottle aimed at reducing the long-term costs associated with opioid abuse.  Samuel has served as an engineering consultant for companies such as All-Clad Metalcrafters and the Universal Electric Corporation.  He functioned as a team leader for multiple applications ranging from electronic flashcards, to bus safety, and prevention of drunk driving.  Both a teacher and a presenter from a young age, Samuel has showcased his work at Microsoft Headquarters and the MIT Media Lab, along with several academic publications in the field of computer science.

A maker in spirit and action, Samuel is determined to help others by changing the current landscape of prescription drugs.  As someone truly committed to change and learning, he believes that a better world might be only an idea away.

Venture:  Pilleve is an integrated pill bottle that helps care providers and insurance companies prevent the long-term costs associated with opioid abuse and addiction. Pilleve relies on real-time data to accurately monitor prescription intake, conduct behavioral analysis, educate patients, and connect them to a network of support. Through early intervention, Pilleve can help care providers make informed decisions about a patient's well-being, starting with their prescriptions.