Yutaka Iijima is a Kyoto University employee currently assisting the Halcyon Incubator in program development and operations with a focus on communications, drawing on his academic and professional background in the field.

Academically, Yutaka holds a Master's in strategic public relations from George Washington University in DC, and a Bachelor's in media studies from Kansai University in Japan.

Professionally, Yutaka served as international public relations manager for over five years at the Kyoto University Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences, and has another five years (and counting) of collective experience in international affairs at the prestigeous university.

Yutaka's motivation to develop a PR and marketing skill set has led him to design the Kyoto University Graduate School of Science's official logo.

He enjoys running wherever he may roam -- surpassing 10,000 km (6,200 mi) over the course of five years -- just never on a treadmill.