7, 10 or 14 Day Incubator Intensives: Open for Summer 2020!

Halcyon is opening its doors to promising social entrepreneurs from around the world for a 7, 10 or 14-Day Incubator Intensive designed to turn a vision into a social enterprise. 

Washington, D.C. is at the center of social entrepreneurship and is considered the top location for growing early-stage ventures. Halcyon is Washington’s premiere social enterprise incubator with a proven model and track record for accelerating social enterprises and addressing some of today's most pressing problems. 

Halcyon is providing an innovative opportunity for individuals and organizations in the public and private sector to sponsor domestic or international groups of social enterprises.  If you or your organization are looking for a way to get involved in social enterprise and address 21st Century problems through entrepreneurship, Halcyon equips you with a customized solution.

Entrepreneurs who successfully complete the program will receive a Halcyon Incubator Social Enterprise certification. 

What is the Halcyon Incubator Intensive?

  • An immersive experience designed to help the world's most promising social enterprises turn their entrepreneurial vision into a sustainable venture
  • A program accepting 5-10 enterprises (with up to two individuals per enterprise), for a 7, 10 or 14-Day period -- participants from any country having current diplomatic relations with the United States are welcome
  • Programming firmly based on Halcyon Incubator's proven model and track record for scaling early-stage social enterprises

When is the program?

  • The program will take place during the months of July and August 2020.  Specific dates for each set of social enterprises will be set by Halcyon and the designated sponsor.

What will a typical day look like? 

  • Morning breakfast with colleagues and Halcyon Incubator staff
  • Pitch practice
  • Skill series: Accounting, fundraising, communications, leadership, company culture, mock investor meetings, negotiation tactics and more
  • Individual work time
  • One-on-one mentoring and leadership coaching with top experts
  • Expert panel: Domestic and foreign markets, accessing capital, networking strategies
  • Evening cultural activities

What is included?

  • Housing at Halcyon’s incubator facility in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. 
  • Access to a world-class network of partners, supporters, investors and Halcyon Incubator alumni
  • Advice from legal, business, communications, marketing, and accounting partner companies
  • Pitch sessions with leading startup and impact investors
  • Continued support from Halcyon's team and partners, following the program

What are the requirements for social enterprises?

  • Entrepreneurs must have a transformative idea in any sector and a commitment to turning that idea into a venture
  • Entrepreneurs must be founders or co-founders of a potentially high-impact social enterprise
  • Entrepreneurs must be available 100% of the time during the Incubator Intensive; participation in simultaneous programs is not advised
  • Entrepreneurs must secure their own visas and/or legal documentation for entrance into the United States; Halcyon can provide official invitation letters for each participant if necessary
  • Entrepreneurs must be a positive, collaborative and open-minded individual with a willingness to learn and work hard

What are the requirements for sponsors?

  • Sponsors will work with Halcyon staff to identify the most promising social enterprises from the sponsor's country or region, focusing on the startups that will benefit most from Halcyon's immersive programming
  • Sponsored entrepreneurs can come from any business sector, but can also be focused on a specific sector, based on sponsor preference (i.e., health, energy or education focus)
  • Sponsors are expected to focus on gender diversity throughout the entrepreneur selection process.  More than 50% of Halcyon Incubator ventures have a female founder or co-founder
  • Sponsors will provide financial support for the group of social enterprises to participate in the Halcyon Incubator Intensive. Halcyon will provide all of the programming and personnel services to the entrepreneurs
  • The cost for sponsorship is based on the number of participants and the chosen duration of the program
  • Air and ground transportation are not included in the cost and must be secured by all accepted applicants and/or sponsors

If you have questions about sponsoring an Incubator Intensive at Halcyon, please contact Joshua Mandell at j.mandell@halcyonhouse.org