Kate Goodall, Co-Founder and CEO
Samantha Abrams, Chief Development Officer
Karina Burger, Controller
Kaitlin Capobianco, Fellow Community and Recruitment Manager
Maggie Connolly, Communications Coordinator
David Corson , Events Director
Sun King Davis, Facilities Manager
Nicole Dowd, Director of Arts Programs
Maggie Goff, Intensives Manager, Halcyon Incubator
Dahna Goldstein, Director of Impact Investing
Dwayne Griffith, Program Coordinator, Halcyon Incubator
Mike Malloy, Program Director, Halcyon Incubator
Joshua Mandell, Chief Operating Officer
Sam Meyers, Advancement Associate
Ashley Robinson, Grants Manager
Ryan Ross , Chief Innovation Officer
Nicole Weissman, Director of Communications
Carol Winston, Director of Compliance and Operations