Alana is an entrepreneur, developer and designer with a specialty in innovation in education. She studied at Northeastern University where she majored in Psychology. She spent three years as a researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital, where she developed a passion for Education. She left her job to go to Harvard University and complete a Master’s Degree in Education.

She finished her Master’s in May 2016 with a specialty in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Education. During that year, she learned about ways to bring equality to the education system through science. She also became involved in startups and in the field of technology. 

Alana was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico where she spent the majority of her life, before coming to Boston.

Venture: Caila is a career concierge that intelligently connects education to jobs. We bring the world’s courses to learners and provide personalized learning pathways for career advancement. Using machine learning, we deliver curated sets of learning experiences, from local in-person courses to online courses, aligned with a person's job and career goals. We're passionate about creating new pathways to great jobs, particularly for those who haven't had the opportunity to get a degree.


Venture Co-Founder: Sergio Marrero