Alina Liao is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zenit, a radical wellness company with the mission to make wellness accessible to everyone. Alina's passion comes from her experiences with mental health challenges and the stigma around mental health. She is building Zenit as a values-based company that puts the wellness of all stakeholders first.

Formerly, Alina was Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer of MindRight (currently MindRight Health), a nonprofit that provided mental health coaching to youth of color over text message. Alina received her MBA and MA in Education from Stanford University and her BA in English and Economics from Yale University. Alina has over a decade of experience building teams, programs, and organizations that have advanced wellness for customers, communities, and employees. She lives in Washington, DC. In her free time, Alina practices and teaches the Afro-Brazilian martial art of capoeira at the nonprofit Capoeira DC. Alina is driven by a world where everyone has equal opportunity to be healthy and happy in their own skin.

Venture: Zenit empowers people to take care of their wellness daily through the power of a personalized journal. Journaling can transform our lives, but with a blank page, it's hard to keep up. With Zenit, you can choose the prompts that speak to your wellness goals, and we make and deliver your customized wellness journal. Our prompts are grounded in evidence-based mental health and coaching practices. Zenit also provides "Write Your Way to Wellness" journaling workshops for organizations. We recognize that wellness is a personal journey. Everyone deserves a safe space to process their experiences. Through our customized journals, Zenit is building ownership, pride, and joy in our mental health.