Alina Liao, Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of MindRight, is driven by the vision of a world where all children - no matter what adversities they face - have the opportunity to unleash their brilliance. Alina holds a Master of Business Administration & Master of Education from Stanford University. She has a Bachelor's in English and Economics from Yale University.

Prior to Stanford, Alina served as Vice President of an economic consulting firm in Washington, DC, where she managed client cases and transformed the firm’s internal organizational strategy to triple the employee retention rate. She consulted for urban schools in talent strategy through her work with EdFuel, Education Pioneers, and Roses in Concrete Community School. She has mentored low-income youth through volunteer work in DC, East Palo Alto, and Oakland.

Venture: MindRight’s mission is to help at-risk youth recover from trauma. MindRight is a text messaging service that provides youth with evidence-based practices to manage traumatic stress. We text youth every day, helping them develop positive coping skills to face daily adversities. We provide schools with ongoing data on student emotional well-being.


Venture Co-Founder: Ashley Edwards