Alyssa Bruce is the founder of Define by Design. Recently graduated, Bruce earned her B.S. at Cornell University, studying applied economics from the Dyson School of Business, and development sociology. She has had her own jewelry business since she was a child, and has always been passionate about female empowerment through self-expression. Bruce combines this love with her interest in community development to design an ecosystem based upon creativity. She is also an avid hiker and traveler, known for visiting other countries with the sole objective of eating authentic food.

Venture: Define by Design is a workforce development agency, focused on training and placing disadvantaged women into the fashion industry. Its pilot will be held in Rwanda, with future expansion planned across the East African Community (EAC). Define by Design also acts as a platform for the sharing of cultural expression and tradition. Social media campaigns connect women from around the world in an effort to celebrate each other’s backgrounds, fashion and design.