Andrew Foote believes the best solutions come from the community and are market-driven. He founded Sanivation after realizing the dearth and the impact of a simple innovation, the household toilet. Since then he has managed 30+ person teams with the vision that every person can have a toilet in their home. Before Sanivation he helped other startups and nonprofits gain market traction by managing a social impact accelerator in Boston as well as working at a consulting firm coaching nonprofits on how to become more data-driven. As a Colorado native, he loves being outdoors and in DC you’ll often find him running alongside the national mall.  Andrew has a dual-degree in cultural anthropology and environmental engineering from Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology.

Venture: Currently over 4,000 children in East Africa die daily from the effects of diarrhea and unsanitary conditions. With Sanivation, Andrew addresses this issue by creating an enterprise model to bring affordable in-home toilets and sanitation services to East Africa.