Angella is a financial management professional with over eight years of nonprofit, banking, and public sector financial management. Angella spent four years helping non-profits ace compliance and reporting as well as develop a winning fundraising strategy that works for the Ugandan context. She had earlier worked with Uganda’s Electoral Commission where she spent more than two years before co-founding Kaaro Health, where she leads the finance and accounting function. Angella is a recipient of several awards and fellowships including the Young African Leaders Initiative fellowship recipient during which she studied advanced skills in responsible business leadership and socially-conscious entrepreneurship

Angella loves children and has been volunteering with Baby Watoto for over 10 years, providing care for abandoned babies and toddlers aged between 0 and 2, doing everything possible to give them the best start in life. She obtained a degree in Accounting and Finance and a postgraduate diploma in project management from the Uganda Management Institute.

Venture: Kaaro Health was founded with the mission to deliver good health care to people regardless of where they live. In pursuing this mission, we deliberately target underserved, rural, hard-to-reach populations using our energy-autonomous clinic-in-a-box system through which doctors provide remote medical consultations to patients and mentorship to clinicians.