Anna Kaminski is a Halcyon Fellow from the 2016 Studios Program. Her work, ‘Murmurations’ playing on themes of repetition, war, and labor, was included in the Ward 12 Exhibition at Halcyon House in December 2016.         

Anna is a recent transplant to Washington, D.C. from Minneapolis. Originally getting her start in photojournalism on a freelance project in Iraq in 2011, her work now lives at the intersection of photography, installation, and performance, merging impact-organizing with visual aesthetics to subvert dominant political and cultural narratives. Rather than challenging political norms in a direct way, Anna’s work aims to inspire collective self-reflection as well as contribute to the development of new political imaginaries. Her work’s effectiveness is contingent upon audience motivations to continue to engage. By providing opportunities for audience engagement, a participatory stage is set and seeks to be inviting, collaborative, and promotes re-envisioning of political power.