Arts Lab Workshop: Introduction to Yoga

1:00PM | $20.00 | Halcyon Arts Lab
Event Information

Part discussion, part lesson with individual attention, Intro to Yoga is a workshop designed for first-time practitioners of all ages and abilities who want a boost of knowledge and confidence to begin a regular yoga practice. We’ll busts through the myths and trends of the Instagram age to help you find your own style and practice of yoga that is safe, nourishing, and fun. This class will explain the different styles of yoga, how to use props, and what to expect in a class. We’ll break down “yoga speak” and some of the most common poses to help discover your body’s natural range of motion and several modification options. The class will also cover a brief history of yoga and the importance of cultural understanding and share resources on how yoga can serve your life off the mat.

Have a favorite mat at home? We encourage you to bring it with you! (We do have a limited number of mats in-house for new yogis!)