Halcyon Arts Lab Youth Fellowship


Halcyon Arts Lab Youth Fellowship -- a program created to engage youth seeking to catalyze change through art and creative innovation.

In partnership with DC Prep, Halcyon will select eight Youth Fellows to collaborate on a socially engaged art project. Over the course of 3 months, fellows will have access to space, materials and workshops, with the end goal of developing their skills in civic engagement through art. The Youth Fellows will participate in workshops and fieldtrips to learn about social engagement, and build resources to become a catalyst for change. That means space, time and access for our youth to think big.

The Youth Fellows will attend workshops in: 

  • Activism through music and art
  • Visualizing data and communicating ideas through art
  • Film and journalism as social engagement
  • Performance and civic engagement 

At the end of the program the fellows will have an opportunity to showcase their experiences and knowledge of a chosen social issue to their communities. 

Program details:
February 2019- May 2019 
Thursdays, 4:30 pm -7:00 pm 

Applications Closes December 7th



Halcyon Arts Lab 2018 Youth Fellows. Left to right: Peniel Ouabo, Lakya Simon, Grace Ouabo, Kiersten Oliver, Makiya Tucker, Bobby Baldwin, Dante Venable, and Jhurney Hairston (not pictured)