Ayana Zaire Cotton is a Halcyon Fellow from the 2016 Studios Program.  Her work, “Your Satisfaction is Our Future” exploring issues of labor, economic liberation and social autonomy, was included in the Ward 12 Exhibition at Halcyon House in December 2016. 

Ayana is a creative director working on DISTRIKT, a print art journal capturing the culture of DC’s metro area youth through a political lens. Her individual art practice consists of my eponymous clothing line, AYANA ZAIRE, which communicates sentiments surrounding class, race, gender, and sexuality. In the spirit of using the human body as a “canvas,” she creates political art that lives on the body thus existing in parties, parks, or public transit and not solely in museums, galleries, or academic institutions. Additionally, Ayana collaborate with local brands to help them innovatively reiterate their creative vision to their ideal community.