Ben Reich and Dan Gallagher are co-founders of Datasembly. Before founding Datasembly, the two worked together at Applied Predictive Technologies building big-data analytics software for prominent retail businesses. With Datasembly, they are unlocking the potential of open data to solve pressing social issues.

Ben earned a double major in linguistics and mathematics at Cornell University. While in school, Ben researched the limits of human capacity to understand natural language.

Venture: Every year millions of open data sets are released by thousands of governments, but unfortunately there are no standards, making it difficult it to extract value from the data. Datasembly is a platform that aggregates and indexes open data, allowing communities to fully harness the power of public information. Providing a user-friendly platform for discovering relationships in these data sets opens up the possibility of groundbreaking discoveries that will change people’s lives.

Venture Co-Founder: Dan Gallagher