Brennan has been building virtual worlds and communities for over 10 years, founding his own companies in AR, VR, Game Dev and Edu. After designing for mobile, web and games, Brennan was scouted by Augmented Reality company Meta to be employee number 7. Together they went through internationally acclaimed tech incubator Y-Combinator. Brennan helped nurture Meta’s vibrant global community of developers and companies in AR innovation, with today’s valuation being in excess of US$300 Million. His passionate for grassroots communities and genuine love of people has him involved in a wide array community programs all over the world, leaving him deeply connected internationally.

Venture: Equal Reality creates Diversity and Inclusion training in Virtual Reality.  Their VR experiences allow you to "walk a mile in someone else's shoes" to learn what it is like to experience things like discrimination or inappropriate behavior.


Halcyon Incubator Kickoff Introduction Video