A message from Dr. Charlene Brown,
Halcyon Incubator Fellow and 
Changemaker in the Homecare Marketplace

As a physician, I know that the quality of home care can impact health outcomes for seniors and people living with disabilities. But even though the demand for senior care is growing exponentially, most home care aides in the U.S. are not working full time. In a market with an insufficient supply of workers and a high demand for senior care, I knew there was a better way to serve workers, agencies and, ultimately, seniors.

I came to Halcyon with visions of tackling poverty among home care aides by reinventing how home care agencies find aides for their clients and how those aides find jobs. With Halcyon’s support, I am launching a business that connects home care aides with jobs that fit their skills, and helps agencies place qualified aides where they’re needed most.

Halcyon offered me mentoring, feedback, exposure and space (literally!) to develop my vision into a sustainable social venture. I received the guidance needed to refine my business model, develop my pitch, and ground my vision in legal and practical advice. Through all my struggles and successes, Halcyon embraced my mission and enveloped me in support.

Halcyon was my home base — the place where my idea truly morphed into something tangible. It’s where I enhanced my public health expertise with business acumen — allowing me to change homecare for the better.

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