Daniel Phoenix Singh is a Halcyon Fellow from the 2016 Studios Program. His dance company’s work ‘Nandichol’ was included in the Ward 12 Exhibition at Halcyon House in December 2016. 

Daniel is the Artistic Director and President of Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh Dance Company. Working from a broad palette of styles such as Bharata Natyam, Modern Dance, and Social dance forms, Daniel creates vibrant dances that mirror the communities that inspire him. In modern dance, movement at its core, is a means of connecting to each other without the boundaries and burdens of text–an open to interpretation approach that allows the viewer to enter and leave with their own personal meaning. In Bharata Natyam, all movement (even abstract) leads towards an emotional transcendence, and is often grounded in the rich literary traditions of the many languages in South Asia. Daniel weaves together this confluence of South Asian and Modern philosophies, aesthetics, and movement styles to create his signature hybridized work.