Prior to establishing KnoNap, Danya Sherman worked on Capitol Hill and in NGOs addressing women’s issues and human rights. In her roles, she acquired legislative and financial experience. Sherman is an entrepreneur passionate about combining human rights and technology innovation to create lasting, sustainable, social change. At George Washington University, Sherman’s studies focus on security policy and entrepreneurship. In 2017, Sherman competed with team KnoNap in the George Washington University’s New Venture Competition, becoming a finalist and winning the Audience’s Choice Award.

Venture: KnoNap is a discreet, disposable device that detects selected dangerous chemicals within a beverage. KnoNap is a beverage napkin that looks and acts like a generic napkin but has a secretive, secondary purpose. The napkin has perforations along two of its sides that are lined with detection chemicals that are capable, upon saturation, of testing for date rape drug presence.