Dr. Avi Mandell

Thursday 6/21 9:30AM | FREE | United States Institute of Peace
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Dr. Avi Mandell is an exoplanet scientist in the Planetary Systems Laboratory at the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC); his research focuses on the characterization of extrasolar planets and the formation and evolution of planetary systems, with the specific goal of understanding factors that determine whether a planetary system can support life and what the characteristics of these habitable planets will be.  He works on analyzing observations of exoplanets and circumstellar disks, as well as modeling of planetary atmospheres and the dynamical evolution of planet-forming disks.  He is the P.I for the GSFC Sellers Exoplanet Environments Collaboration (SEEC), and serves as the Instrument Project Scientist for the exoplanet spectrograph on NASA’s Wide Field InfraRed Space Telescope (WFIRST).

Dr. Mandell is joined by Lucianne Walkowicz, astronomer at Alder Planetarium, in the By The People discussion on LIFE examining: “What would be the potential implications of discovering life beyond Earth (scientific, cultural, philosophical, ethical), and do they warrant the billions of dollars spent on the endeavor?”