Erik Moe is a Halcyon Fellow from the 2016 Studios Program. His work, ‘Rock Creek, Georgetown and Glover Park in the 23rd Century’ exploring the future of DC’s neighborhoods, was included in the Ward 12 Exhibition at Halcyon House in December 2016.

Erik’s interdisciplinary work aims to provoke long-term thinking in our relationship to landscape and the built environment. His ongoing project 'Future Cartographic Society' describes 23rd Century utopias in neighborhoods of D.C. and across North America. These scenarios implicate us all in making choices not out of self-interest, but out of values we share with humans we'll not live long enough to meet. What decisions made long ago shape the way we experience our city today? What choices of ours will reverberate for generations? What does a future-centric approach contribute to our understanding of privilege and power?