Estefaní Mercedes

| FREE | Pop-up Performance | Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building
Thursday 6/21 10:00AM | FREE | Gallery 102
Friday 6/22 10:00AM | FREE | Gallery 102
Saturday 6/23 10:00AM | FREE | Gallery 102
Sunday 6/24 10:00AM | FREE | Gallery 102
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Stephanie Mercedes is a Argentinian/American queer artist who attempts to transcend violence through her practice. Mercedes works between installation, performance and music to create spaces that allow for mourning. She is interested in transforming weapons of destruction into objects of peace and frames her work as a musical performative score. All of her work is inspired by personal experiences.

Mercedes was a 2016 Art and Law Fellow, a 2017 Artist in Residence at the Bronx Museum (AIM) and is currently a artist in residence at Halcyon Arts Lab and VisArts. Mercedes won the Light Work Grant in 2017 and the Open Society Grant for documentary images.
Classes Mercedes has taught include: "How to Use Art as a Political Tool" and "Law as Form (and Why it Should be Female)." Mercedes has exhibited and performed at the Bronx Museum of Art, Flux Factory, Paco das Artes and many spaces across the Americas. 

To learn more about Mercedes, watch this video clip or read this article

Estefani Mercedes is a Halcyon Arts Lab fellow. For more information about Halcyon Arts Lab, click here.