Faraji Whalen-Robinson is a real estate professional and Managing Partner of aBlackWall. Faraji is a graduate of Morehouse College and MIT and has worked in development, investment, and brokerage in urban neighborhoods throughout Washington DC. Faraji grew up moving from country to country in Africa and leverages his exposure to both entrenched poverty and economic growth to helping solve problems that affect low-income communities in the US. Faraji is also a part owner of Zawadi Arts, a second generation retail business in Washington DC.

Venture: aBlackWall transforms the economic future of low income neighborhoods by using Opportunity Funds to inject long term capital into real estate projects and businesses that create explosive wealth gains for neighborhood residents. Our experience and reputation developing innovative business incubators in Richmond, affordable housing in Baltimore, and successful restaurant concepts in Philadelphia has attracted attention across the country. We help solve the problem of minority wealth attrition from gentrification and disinvestment by providing existing residents a path to make real dollars from our investments. Creating this sustainable wealth for neighborhoods equals higher yields and less risk for our investors. We share in our investors' success by sharing the profits and taking appropriate fees. We're seeking to iterate a development model that becomes an industry standard for transforming the lives of the millions of Americans that live in underserved neighborhoods. 

Website: http://ablackwall.com/