Gator has been fortunate enough to witness firsthand how humans are shaping landscapes all across the globe, from urban townships and favelas to remote jungles and farmlands. His experience researching land-use change has shaped Gator’s mindset and driven him to pursue a career helping to restore a balance between society and nature. Prior to entering his Masters of Environmental Management program at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Gator worked on international development projects in Peru, Brazil, and South Africa. He was also a fellow with the World Wildlife Fund’s Global Marine Program. Gator is an avid Liverpool FC fan, continues to emulate Steven Gerrard on the soccer pitch, and proudly hails from San Diego, California, where he spends as much time as he can on the beach and in the waves.

Venture: Coral Vita helps to restore our world's dying reefs by growing corals on land and transplanting them into dying/endangered reef ecosystems. Coral reef ecosystems support 500M people and generate $30B annually, but 75% are projected to die by 2050. Coral Vita’s innovative farming system can grow coral at up to 50x natural rates while enhancing the corals' resiliency to climate change.

Venture Co-Founder: Sam Teicher