Halcyon Impact Angel Network Director

Title: Halcyon Impact Angel Network Director 

Reports To: Chief Innovation Officer

Status: Exempt/Part-Time

Posting Date: September 5, 2019

Job Summary

The Halcyon Impact Angel Network Director will be responsible for all aspects of the Halcyon Impact Angel Network, including angel recruitment and relations, network investment strategy, curation of potential social enterprise investments, oversight of angel meetings, supervision of the diligence team, responsibility for website and marketing materials, and performance of funded entities. The Halcyon Impact Angel Network Director will manage relationships and share deal flow with other angel networks in the region. This is a part-time position. This position will report to the Halcyon Chief Innovation Officer.

Job Responsibilities

  • Angel Network Formation
    • Create a centralized network where investors can come together to invest in social enterprises
    • Recruit 50+ angel investors to join the angel network over the next three years, ensuring that this is a diverse, values-aligned group of individuals
    • Manage angels in the network to ensure strong retention year over year
    • Develop and source deal flow from institutional investors, angel groups, incubators, universities, coworking spaces, and directly from social enterprises seeking seed-stage investment
    • Determine fiscal requirements and prepare budgetary recommendations; then monitor, verify, and reconcile expenditure of budgeted funds
    • Manage key partnerships with legal, technology, diligence, and marketing partners to operate the network
    • Develop investor training that builds capacity and expertise among angels in the network
  • Due Diligence Process
    • Oversee all aspects of the investment management process including sourcing, screening, diligence, analysis, and decision-making processes
    • Develop an intake process to ensure proper screening and evaluation of social enterprises
    • Manage due diligence process to collect necessary information about each venture
    • Identify any risks, red flags, or potential pitfalls for each investment opportunity
    • Deliver investment memo summarizing due diligence findings to angel network members
  • Investment Process
    • Facilitate network’s structuring of the deal terms with social entrepreneurs
    • Secure commitments to invest from angel group members to decide total investment size
    • Ensure all legal documents and investment paperwork are signed by all the necessary parties
  • Support and Monitor Portfolio Companies
    • Leverage angel network members’ talent, expertise, and network to add value to social enterprises
    • Share opportunities for angel network members to serve on board of directors or advisory boards
    • Forward monthly, quarterly, and annual portfolio company updates to members
    • Share opportunities for portfolio companies to raise additional funding or develop new skills

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree required and MBA is preferred
  • Five years of investing experience in early-stage social enterprises or project experience with an incubator, startup, or entrepreneurial program preferred
  • Applicants will have significant experience managing investor relationships, sourcing, performing diligence, structuring transactions and supporting investments, especially in early-stage companies

Skills Required

  • Enthusiasm for social entrepreneurship
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills, including the ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds to engender trust
  • Attention to detail with reliable organizational skills to prevent details from slipping through the cracks
  • Polite persistence when following up with key stakeholders
  • Nimbleness to adapt to frequent changes in a fast-paced work environment
  • Proven ability to work collaboratively with others and independently to achieve common objectives, and a good sense of humor
  • Reliable work ethic to complete tasks
  • Time management competence to prioritize work projects and meet multiple deadlines
  • Embody Halcyon’s core values of nimbleness, humility, risk-tolerance, nurturing, and optimism

Special Requirements

  • Able to work evenings or weekends as required by program responsibilities

Special Considerations

  • This position is funded by a U.S. Department of Commerce Regional Innovations Strategies grant

To Apply

Please send a resume and cover letter to inquiry@halcyonhouse.org to apply or if you have any questions about this position.