Integrity Mchechesi is a medical doctor and public healthcare innovator who co-founded VaxiGlobal, a health-tech startup focused on promoting health security through immunization verification. Integrity mostly recently worked as a public health consultant with William & Mary Global Research Institute on the project: ‘Using AI and mobile metadata to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 Zimbabwe.’ He led one of the teams in the World Health Organization Afro Covid-19 Virtual Hackathon in March 2020. Integrity is a Clinton Global Initiative University Alumnus (class of 2018) and a Mandela Washington Fellow. He is also a recipient of the World Health Organization Afro Top 30 Innovators Award in 2019 and the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe Innovation Drive Award in 2018.

Venture: VaxiGlobal is a vaccination verification service where clinicians who administer vaccines for travel or immigration purposes are verified, and in partnership with Simprints, contactless biometrics are used for verified delivery of vaccines. In addition to the WHO immunization card, digital vaccination certificates are created and embedded in biometric data and QR codes scanned at border controls. The system can also be used by international universities and other institutions which require proof of vaccination from their international students