Jeffrey Prost-Greene is a D.C. native, social entrepreneur and co-founder of Up Top Acres (UTA), D.C.’s first commercial rooftop farming enterprise. Jeffrey has spent the last few years immersed in urban agriculture, green roof construction and social entrepreneurship.

Prior to founding UTA, Jeffrey worked installing green roofs for a leading green roof company in the area and managed one of D.C.’s largest urban farms. Jeffrey also served as a Sustainable DC ambassador, working with communities and business to make D.C. one of the healthiest, greenest, most livable cities in the world.

Jeffrey studied business and social entrepreneurship as an undergrad and while abroad in South Africa, completed graduate courses conducting reports on businesses’ triple bottom line. Jeffrey brings a background in triple bottom line analysis, marketing and unique experience establishing social entrepreneurship programs. He graduated cum laude from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with a B.A. in marketing.

Venture: Up Top Acres designs, installs and operates rooftop farms. It seeks to establish agriculture as a fixture of urban life by farming on underutilized rooftops, distributing food locally, and providing educational programming. Up Top Acres converts neglected spaces into income sources and environmental safeguards, transforming a societal and environmental drain into a valuable commodity.

Venture Co-Founders: Kristof Grina, Kathleen O'Keefe