A Message From Jessica Stafford Davis
Art Historian, Advocate & Entrepreneur 

Obtaining access to tools and resources to fuel our dreams and to strengthen our families, our communities and our world is liberating and transformative. With this belief, I founded the Agora Culture, an online multi-cultural arts platform to connect artists and art lovers with access to the information they want and need to be empowered collectors and advocates.

Halcyon also works tirelessly to embolden artists, providing diverse groups of socially-minded creatives with the physical and professional tools required to develop and leverage their talents for social good. Whether these craftsmen explore childhood through the eyes of incarcerated youth, or give voice to untold stories of foreign political conflict, the work they generate has real-world reverberations.

Like Halcyon, I believe when artists enjoy more access to resources, we all experience better education, security and health.

I am Jessica Stafford Davis. I am an arts advocate and I am Halcyon. 

About Halcyon
Halcyon seeks and celebrates creativity in all forms and galvanizes creative individuals aspiring to promote social good. We bring together diverse groups of changemakers in art and social enterprise, offering an ecosystem of advocacy that encourages socially engaged creatives to learn, freely experiment, sometimes fail, and advance their talents and visions. In doing so, we foster new pathways to knowledge and resources, and help innovators transform their inspiration into impact.

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