Johae Song is the Co-Founder and CEO of Loro, a smart companion robot for wheelchair users. She manages a diverse team of engineers and entrepreneurs while designing Loro’s branding and graphics. Furthermore, she designs and develops the functional and experiential dimensions of hardware and software and conducts various forms of product research to push Loro’s designs even further.

She is a creator, artist, and designer who seeks out opportunities to broaden her perspective while utilizing work to affect real, meaningful process. Johae studied Design Technology at Harvard GSD. As she has grown as a creator, she has found herself drawn to a number of fields; she has earned a degree in architecture from the Cooper Union and interior design, pursued fine art and fashion, and explored a breadth of cultures.

Venture: Loro is an AI-powered smart, personalized companion for wheelchair users to navigate safely and to communicate efficiently. A person with physical challenges can’t interact with the world the same way as the able, but there’s no reason we can’t use tech to close that gap. Loro is an assistive robot that mounts to a wheelchair and offers its occupant the ability to see and interact with the people and things around them in powerful ways, just like a parrot to be your friendly companion on your shoulder. Loro will enhance physical abilities by empowering users with more than one way to interact with their environments and how they communicate with their loved ones.