Jose Calma (Gio) is the Co-Founder and Business Development Officer of BCRemit, a London-based fintech company. He has been working along with the BCRemit team to improve the way migrant workers send money to their families and give them better control of their remittances. Before working at BCRemit, Gio worked in a technology-based logistics startup from Singapore. There he had a leadership role and took part in the company's fast growth and scale. Though in a different industry, he brings his experience with technology into BCRemit, which he applies with scalability in mind. Gio graduated with a BS in Entrepreneurial Management from De La Salle University and is a Master in Technology Management (MTM) candidate at the University of the Philippines.

Venture: BCRemit provides disruptive online money transfer and value-added services. BCRemit’s mission is to give migrant workers a better way to send their love to their families back home in the Philippines using technology and their unique business model. The company was recently included in the 2020 London Tech50 innovation ranking as well as Top 100 Fintech Disruptors in the UK.