Dr. Karima Ladhani is the Founder & CEO of Barakat Bundle, a social enterprise that creates life-saving bundles for mothers and newborns in South Asia supported by Harvard Business School, LinkedIn For Good, Johnson & Johnson, among others

Karima is committed to ending the injustice of preventable maternal and child mortality. Most recently, she has held positions at the Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program and Brigham & Women's Hospital Global Newborn Health Lab. Her contributions to global health have spanned Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, Kenya, and Tajikistan. 

Karima holds a Doctor of Science and Master of Public Health from Harvard University. Her non-traditional path to social enterprise began with a Bachelor of Math and Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Waterloo. 

Venture: Barakat Bundle is a nonprofit that provides life-saving bundles to mothers and newborns in South Asia. We take 1) low-cost, evidence-based health items that target causes of preventable infant mortality; 2) curated health information that teaches safe childcare practices; and 3) package them together in an innovative, demand-generating bamboo cradle. 

Website: http://barakatbundle.org/