Kristin Adair

Thursday 6/21 10:00AM | FREE | Union Market
Friday 6/22 10:00AM | FREE | Union Market
Saturday 6/23 10:00AM | FREE | Union Market
Sunday 6/24 10:00AM | FREE | Union Market
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CELL 17 is a multimedia installation that brings viewers inside the experience of confinement in a prison cell. A collaboration between the artist and several men from DC who received life sentences as children and have been incarcerated for more than 20 years, the installation features audio and video projections layering archival materials and memories from the “juvenile lifers.” 

Because of a recent change in the law, all of the narrators are now eligible to petition local courts for resentencing and release back to their communities. They reflect on their decades-long journeys behind bars and their transformation into self-educated men who are preparing to return to society as adults.

The installation will also invite viewers to “meet” and engage with other currently incarcerated juvenile lifers from DC through their images, handwritten letters, poetry and more. Featuring the work of collaborator Halim A. Flowers from his new collection of poetry #UNCHAINABLE


Kristin Adair, a documentary filmmaker and multimedia artist who lives and works in Washington, DC, sees her practice as both storytelling and advocacy, exploring new ways to transcend the wall of invisibility that our mass incarceration system has built around millions of people in this country. Read about Kristin’s work in the Washington Post!

Kristin Adair is a Halcyon Arts Lab fellow. For more information about Halcyon Arts Lab, click here.