Leo Blyth is a British social entrepreneur who has spent the nearly all of the last 20 years pioneering and commercializing solar off-grid lighting initiatives in around 20 African countries. His work began as an independent consultant training African entrepreneurs to assemble entry-level power products and he later founded and managed Solapak Ltd, designing assembling PV solar power packs and off-grid lighting kits in Kenya. 

Leo joined the World Bank Group’s Lighting Africa program in 2008 and is currently an industry specialist, coordinating client services for their Lighting Global Program. His expertise covers developing viable markets for affordable quality off-grid lighting products and integrating energy access innovations within off-grid electrification access initiatives. The program has so far enabled more than 50 million people to access clean, affordable and safer lighting. With a vision to creating a commercially sustainable industry and market that will reach 250 million more by 2030.