Mark Carter is an experienced and accomplished business professional primarily in the sales, marketing, and business development disciplines. He has been a major contributor and added significant value to these business disciplines in several firms. Mark is in the latter part of his career and is increasingly acting on a passionate desire to apply his considerable skills and expertise to major societal problems and issues.

Mark has exhibited a lifelong commitment to socially-oriented non-profits. He has been a member of multiple non-profit boards. This includes the Sustainable Business Network of Washington, DC. Mark was also President of a non-profit board earlier in his life. In addition, he has done many stand-alone projects for non-profit enterprises. For example, Mark was a member of the Twin Cities United Way Allocations Committee for many years.

Vocationally, Mark has noteworthy accomplishments in sales and business development. He was a top performer at Armstrong World industries in that company’s commercial ceiling systems division, selling to building specifiers and specifying influences including architects, and electrical and mechanical engineers. Mark generated record numbers of leads and new clients each year with Ameriprise (formerly American Express Financial Advisors), resulting in a +9.2% compound annual growth rate in client acquisition during his time there. He started a business development department from scratch, and closed deals projected to generate $10 million in revenues and $2 million in operating income at University of Maryland University College (UMUC).

Mark is currently a Vice President at DR2 Solutions, a platform company whose primary asset is a proprietary software system named iMPACT. He is responsible for sales and business development. Historically DR has worked with retail energy providers to help them engage, build relationships and loyalty with, and up-sell and cross-sell to these companies’ end-user customers. More recently, DR2 is transitioning beyond energy suppliers to work and partner with other, more creative and innovative firms in the energy space.

Among Mark’s strengths is the drive, determination, and persistence to get the job done in a high-quality fashion and on time. He has strong relationship skills and is comfortable talking and interacting with people of varying personalities and responsibility levels. Mark has a strong sense of urgency but is also very capable of being patient when working on projects of long duration. He is smart as indicated by his education at Williams College and at Harvard Business School. Finally, Mark is well-networked which can be very beneficial depending upon the nature of his responsibilities.