Matt Fischer started his first business, Fence Defense, over a decade ago. With early success in that business, he focused some of his free time helping his friends start a non-profit, Kaizen, that improves the lives of children living in orphanages in Mexico. He studied Advertising, PR, and Business at Brigham Young University-Idaho, and received his masters in Brand Strategy from Virginia Commonwealth University. Matt spent the last six years working closely with entrepreneurs helping them start and improve their businesses. Social entrepreneur, inventor strategist, innovator, and creative are some sure ways to describe Matt. He enjoys sailing, hiking, biking, historic home restoration, and understanding cultures and languages through travel.

Venture: In the United States alone, one in 10 children suffer from asthma and over $60 billion is spent on treatment. Through Altair Health, Matt is developing an early warning system for children with asthma that will alert the child’s parents and doctors before an asthma attack occurs. With data gathered based on indoor and outdoor environmental monitors, asthmatic children are empowered to live more normal lives.