Nate Wong specializes in creating lasting social change by both mobilizing talent to defy prevailing orthodoxies, while also helping shape the very systems that impede a prosperous and equitable world for all.

He has experience in the private, social, and public sectors, working in over 10 different countries, helping clients maximize their social impact. 

Nate serves as the Managing Director of the Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation, an experiential hub to incubate emergent ideas in the social impact space, housed at Georgetown University. In his role, he manages the day-to-day operations of the Center helping to mobilize talent for social impact at scale, connecting students at all ages with leading-edge thought leaders.

Nate is also a Fellow at the Centre for Public Impact (CPI), a not-for-profit foundation funded by The Boston Consulting Group. CPI is dedicated to improving the positive impact of governments and partners around the world.

In his prior role as Deputy Director, Nate helped launch and direct CPI's program work in North America focused on city innovation, economic mobility, and government legitimacy. Previously, he helped launch Deloitte Consulting's Social Impact strategy consulting practice, where he helped marketplace leaders utilize their core competencies to maximize their positive social impact.

Nate's focus is on social impact strategy and social innovation/finance and has been featured in numerous publications highlighting his research on purpose-driven talent and archetypal business models used by companies to achieve social impact.