By The People 2018

Our 2018 By The People festival attracted over 26,000 visits to official By The People festival events, over 50,000 visits to Smithsonian museums during the affiliated Smithsonian Solstice events, and enthusiastic crowds at a diverse schedule of ticketed performances. While events were concentrated at our five festival hubs, 18 other spots around town participated as satellite locations or hosted a one-time By The people event.  

  • See the map of By The People 2018 festival locations
  • Review the schedule from our 2018 festival. 
  • Check out the artist and speakers who participated in the inaugural By The People. 
  • Learn more about the festival and meet curators Virginia Shore, Halcyon’s artistic director of visual arts, and Septime Webre, Halcyon’s artistic director of performing arts.

For a downloadable report sharing highlights and metrics from the 2018 festival, click here. And check out photos on Facebook and Instagram!