Oscar is Co-founder and CEO of Thimble. He focuses primarily on strategic partnerships, sales channel development, marketing strategy, fundraising, customer service, and administrative tasks. He graduated from the University of Rochester (UofR) with a degree in Mathematics and Economics. He previously founded Gradfly, which raised some capital, had 4 university customers, and received 3 awards before pivoting and restructuring to become Thimble. 

Prior to founding Gradfly, Oscar worked in the admissions department at UoR where he led an initiative to restructure the admissions process to be more project-focused. After that, he started a tutoring company to help high school and college students prepare for standardized exams such as the SATs, GREs, GMATs, and LSATs. While tutoring, Oscar pitched Gradfly at Startup Weekend in Rochester, NY where he took third place. His third-place finish pushed him to move beyond his tutoring endeavors to create a three-person team focused on helping engineering students showcase their projects to better position themselves for an internship or job. Oscar's former admission role at the UofR led him to become a mentor for several FIRST Robotics organizations at three high schools in Rochester, NY. He is passionate about the DIY and Maker communities and spends his time trying to understand makers and what makes them tick. 

Venture: Thimble is an online academy that helps students learn engineering, coding, and technology skills through virtual courses. Courses are part of a digital curriculum available to secondary schools and come equipped with kits, tools, and training for teachers. Students develop skills for careers in engineering, electronics, and computer systems. 

Website: https://www.thimble.io/