By the People Saturday Solstice Performances

Saturday 6/23 7:00PM | FREE | Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building
Event Information


Ongoing: Marbling activation by Tendani Mpulubusi

7:05-7:25pm: Antonius Bui – “Floating”

Description: This is an improvisational dance and movement piece which utilizes the imagery of the life vest to explore the realms of consciousness and dreaming. Walking the perimeter of the space, Antonius will explore the ethereal forces and spaces which affect the human body.

7:25-7:45pm: Hoesy Corona – “Alien Nation”

“Alien Nation, 2018” is a continuation of the “Nobodies” series, in which participants wear colorful garments fitted to the human body, which create otherworldly experiences as the wearer is simultaneously visible and invisible – both stripping and enhancing identity and reality.

7:45-8:05pm: Mercedes – “It Could Have Lasted Forever (the Ring of Freedom)”

Description: This choreographed musical score will combine singing, chimes and dance to reflect on sound's ability to instill healing and tranquility. Through harmonizing of sounds the everyday will be collectively transcended. 

8:05-8:25pm: Konshens “The MC”— “Konshens & His State of Mind”

Hip-Hop Artist Konshens The MC presents a scaled down pop up performance of Konshens & His State of Mind.  A lyrically laced storytelling musical journey including spoken word and hip-hop intertwined with track and live instrumentation.