Saba Javed is a financial executive and a Freelance Recruitment Consultant (by desire). From her teenage years, Saba has helped many people secure stable jobs; she is highly passionate about serving others, and her motive is to improve the lives of everyone around her. Because of her helping nature, she is the most sought-after person for any help or assistance among her friends, colleagues, and family members. She has taken her passion for the world of Tech with MallofWork. Outside of work, Saba likes to read inspiring stories, a time-out with friends, traveling, and spending time with her two handsome sons, who mostly keep her on her toes.

MallofWork is a tech-driven platform that connects businesses with freelancers and service providers. The technology is designed to accommodate all kinds of workers, from top-notch professionals to all sorts of service providers. They aim to provide a world of opportunities at the click of the mouse.