Samlara Baah is a social entrepreneur focused on creating new opportunities for marginalized communities. Seven years ago, Samlara began her journey in sanitation in Africa, consulting on household toilet projects across the West African sub-region. In 2014, Samlara founded Loo Works to change the sanitation landscape in Ghana. The company’s inaugural effort stemmed from creating dignified household toilet solutions that low-income populations would be proud to purchase. Since starting Loo Works through bootstrapping efforts, Samlara has partnered with local government municipal assemblies to sensitize and engage underserved urban communities. She has engaged in public school campaigns to teach sanitation norms at the elementary level and mentored social impact entrepreneurs in hopes of creating an ongoing support system for young entrepreneurs.

Today, the company manufactures sanitation systems using recycled plastic waste and sawdust. As Harvard Kennedy School Alum, Samlara is interested in development and creating opportunities for entrepreneurs coming behind her.

Venture: Loo Works aims to end preventable diarrheal diseases caused by poor sanitation in marginalized communities in Ghana, by transforming plastic and wood waste into construction materials to create toilet systems. By manufacturing locally using green materials, the company seeks to end the capacity gap present in the container-based sanitation space.