A Message from Sheila C. Johnson
Halcyon Board Member and Entrepreneurial Trailblazer

I have always challenged the status quo — as a business leader, as a humanitarian and as a woman. And I believe that when we combine the powers of enterprise, education and the arts, profound change is possible.

That’s why I’m part of Halcyon’s mission. By bringing together artists, entrepreneurs and other thought leaders, Halcyon gives creative innovators free support to develop their unconventional ideas into social impact.

With my passion for enterprising ideas — and a background in classical music — I embrace Halcyon’s creed that creativity comes in many forms. Not only should it be celebrated — it should be used as a teaching tool and force for good. 

About Halcyon
Halcyon seeks and celebrates creativity in all forms and galvanizes creative individuals aspiring to promote social good. We bring together diverse groups of changemakers in art and social enterprise and provide a safe haven for their bold ideas to take flight. Halcyon offers an ecosystem of advocacy that encourages socially engaged creatives to learn, freely experiment, sometimes fail, and advance their talents and visions. In doing so, we foster new pathways to knowledge and resources, and help innovators transform their inspiration into impact.

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