Terra Firma Dance (TFD), under the leadership of Artistic Director, Stuart Loungway, is a bold new contemporary ballet company based in Washington, DC. TFD’s work focuses on movement as the primary language of basic human interaction and communication. As vanguard caretakers of the art form of ballet, TFD aims to connect with new audiences, heightening their awareness and willingness to move away from traditional dance models via site specific projects and collaborations with other art forms. With a responsible eye to the future of ballet, TFD works to provide a progressive and contemporary experience, understanding that ballet will not look as it once has. With this notion in mind, TFD presents a new, viable model that preserves ballet as a current and relevant art form, carrying forth the potential to provide a deep and long lasting impact upon its audience members.           

To learn more, please visit us at www.terrafirmadance.org