As Halcyon’s Artistic Director of Visual Arts, Virginia Shore curates art installations for By the People, a festival dedicated to connecting people across divides through art and dialogue. This international festival celebrates our nation’s founding principles and the impact of shared moments. By the People brings people together by creating free, inclusive experiences designed to celebrate our diverse perspectives and understand our strength in unity.

Virginia Shore is an art curator, advisor and advocate living in Washington DC.  She is currently collaborating with the Emerson Collective, Halcyon Arts Lab, and the Hall Group on public art projects.

Previously, Ms. Shore was the Chief Curator of the US Department of State's Arts in Embassies (AIE) Program.  At AIE, she founded the art commissioning and acquisitions division, overseeing the curation and commissioning of collections at more than 54 new US Embassies and Consulates (including London, Bejing, Moscow, Mumbai, Dakar, etc).  These collections include works by some of the world’s most compelling artists.